Staffing businesses often underestimate the business opportunities open to them once they gain a strong foothold in a labor market sector.

Whether it's nursing, software or even general labor, the old rules of he-who-has-the-people still wins.  In a new post,  Staffing industry futurist Andrew Karpie explores how this plays out in the market of online work:

In the meantime, new online work intermediation platforms such as Upwork,Work Market and many others have sprouted up outside of the traditional contingent workforce supply chain. This development aroused quite a bit of angst in the staffing industry, even talk using the d word (disruption). However, some, including myself, said that at least some staffing firms would begin to respond to these developments by adopting these online platform models themselves and adding them to their portfolio of workforce solutions. Back in 2013, I had referred to this change as the hybridization of the staffing industry, and indeed it has started to happen.