I'm on vacation in Florida now but I'm answering calls just like I would be at the office back in Minneapolis, all thanks to WebRTC and Aida.

WebRTC is an interface that lets a browser act like a phone, chat and file sharing system all in one, and it's available on most smartphones now.  

Its integration as a first class citizen with Aida makes traditional CRM and staffing software obsolete and expensive.  

If you are a staffing professional, the combo of WebRTC and Aida allow you to service your market vastly better than your peers.

If you're a CFO and dependent on traditional PBX/landline tools, you are vastly overpaying for an inferior service.

If you're in sales and don't have voice fully integrated into your CRM, you're losing valuable time and opportunities.

If you're a staffing owner and want 360 degree view of all communications within your enterprise, WebRTC and Aida are the way to go.