If anyone who works in your office ranks 6 on a scale of 1 to 10, they should be fired.

Harsh perhaps, but necessary for greatness says entrepreneur, speaker and New York Times blogger Jay Goltz.

"If you want to run a great company...you occasionally have to fire people. You’ve probably already parted with the people who rate worse than a 6 -- but it's the 6’s who can be tricky. They're not that bad, but they're just not good."

Who qualifies as a 6 according to Goltz? Employees who might actually know what they’re doing, and even be good at it in some respects, but they make too many mistakes. Others waste too much time or bring their personal lives into the office.

The litmus test for managers is contained in the answer to the question, “How vital is this person to the company?”

Firing someone – or getting fired – is not pleasant, but Goltz opines merely mediocre work provides plenty of justification for a boot in the butt towards the direction of the door.

"If it's your business, you not only have the right [to fire a 6], you have the responsibility."

[NY Times]

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