Trivia question: what lies directly to the south of Detroit? Three days ago I would have guessed Lake Eerie, but thanks to a free evening in Detroit on my sales trip this week, I found out the answer: Windsor, Canada.

Not wanting to shell out the $45 for the one way cross-border cab fare, I hopped on the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Bus for a token $2.75.

"You must have a passport to enter Canada. No exceptions.", a stern Canadian agent told me on my arrival.

"But I don't have one."

"OK then, two forms of ID: a driver's license and a copy of your birth certificate."

"Well I have the license but after that, hmm, well I have my health club card." She wasn't amused, I actually thought for a moment that I'd be sent back to Detroit.

Don't let the border control hassle keep you from visiting Windsor. It's cheap, clean and full of delightful cafes and restaurants. I ate at Pasticcio's in Little Italy, great service and my dinner (primo Mussels in a tomato broth, secondo Mushroom Risotto) including two glasses of fine Italian wine and Cappuccino cost less than $50 Canadian.

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