It's my pleasure to present this recording of the Staffing Talk show from Friday, Feb 5, 2010 with guests Attorney Sara Kobberman and TempWorks Venture VP Jack Terrana:

  • You gotta get paid. You're not your client's bank.  Best practices in client management and collections.  How to manage presenting your first invoice.  Getting to AP.  Legal steps in case you have to play hard-ball.   Run your staffing business like you’re going to sell it tomorrow.
  • Government business. How government purchases of staffing and recruitment services are increasing rapidly.   While much of the economy remains weak, government is getting bigger, fast.    How to get your share of it.
  • Monster. Plus why Monster's purchase of Hot Jobs doesn't make sense.  Fundamental problems in Monster's business model make the Hot Job acquisition nonsensical, a fact Wall Street confirmed by dumping Monster shares to the tune of 20%.

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