This week I'm hanging out with 20-somethings at a futurist dev conference in London and am noticing that most of them prefer to communicate over Slack instead of email.

Although an occasional user, I'm still not sold on Slack myself.  We use an alternative, Yammer, at Tempworks and at Aida we've built a phone centered alternative for staffing agencies.

Nevertheless, Slack is a beast to be considered.  It has a market cap in the billions just for starters.   Here's what the WSJ had to say about it:

[Slack] minimizes the need for email. From casual check-ins to corporation-wide announcements, from newly posted automated reports to the latest pictures of your colleagues cute new baby, Slack has now become the place where office workers can huddle, kibitz and learn from one another. And second, Slack users quickly come to see it as not just another software tool theyre forced to keep tabs on, but rather as the new office water coolera fun place to hang out and be part of their work community.