OK, I got it wrong, and I have my staffing customer friends to thank for setting me straight. You see, when I first read about the healthcare reform act and its impact on employment costs, I thought 'price goes up, demand goes down.' That's how it works, right?

Yes it does, but what I didn't count on was what economists call 'unintended consequences.' And just what are the 'unintended consequences' of Obamacare? Well, as is becoming very obvious to you in the staffing industry, employers are doing whatever they can to work around the law, and one of the easiest ways for them to do it is to turn to staffing services.

Those employers need you. And you know what? Their employees need you, too. Without you, hard-working people are going to be out of a job.

The result on us at TempWorks is, first, that we are seeing the fastest uptick in both customer revenue numbers and demand for our services since 2004. And that demand is spread around a lot more than it used to be. It's not just for software, it's for website redesigns, marketing tools, funding, payroll and garnishment processing, and integrated third-party services.

Suddenly tools that traditional employers use -- e-Verify, Kenexa, Career Builder, LinkedIn, CareNow, MasterTax -- are sought by staffing companies like never before. Sure, we have them built into our software, but now we're busy making it easier and easier to help our clients get started with them.

Meanwhile we're upgrading ourselves. We just added 5,000 square feet of office space, recruited 15 new software professionals, installed a new VOIP telephone system, developed a new applicant portal, and built from ground up a new trouble ticket support system.

It's both a terrific and a terrifically busy time, and we're grateful to our customers for it.

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