Over the past few weeks a sports forum called Tiger Droppings exploded with rage because of a 60-second radio ad for a Louisiana staffing company. The combination of an annoying kid, a nonsensical joke, and incessant repetition created three threads and more than 100 comments – all for our comedic benefit. It even inspired some angry LSU fans to contact the staffing company and radio station, pleading them to end it.

Seriously. People were that pissed. Don’t believe me? Here’s a sampling of the comments:

  • That commercial can rot in hell.
  • This commercial was running twice every damn commercial break on 104.5. People were almost suicidal over it, and threatening bodily violence to the little kid in the commercial.
  • OH MY GOD ... MY EARS!!!
  • I would never call a place like that for help if I knew that's what it decided to go with for marketing.
  • I have completely stopped listening to 104.5 because of that damn commercial.
  • i can't imagine how fricking clueless you'd have to be to A) find humor in it B) associate your business with it C) think it would generate new business.
  • i change the channel when it comes on. i have no idea what that commercial means...i hate it so much i would honestly use a different staffing company out of spite!
  • I want to kick the speaker every time I hear it...
  • Holy frick I hate that commercial. Whoever wrote/approved it, needs to be drug out into the street and shot.
  • Go get a big posterboard and write the following, verbatim: "TAKE THAT STUPID GUPPY COMMERCIAL OFF THE AIR" and super glue it to their front door.
  • They’re giving me cancer.

The company in question is Ammon Staffing, who judging from the comments must spend serious dough on radio marketing through 104.5 (an ESPN station). The original forum post on the commercial is here. And shortly after, when someone started a thread debating the worst commercials airing right now, Ammon eventually came up. The infamous commercial is embedded below.

After several days of anticipation, and all of the comments fresh in our minds, we thought the commercial was a bit of a let-down. Not nearly as bad as advertised (pun intended). But we listened to it willingly … and not 500 times … so we’re probably not the best judges.

Anyway, we were naturally intrigued by all this hubbub over a staffing company commercial, and it got us to thinking: Did it work? On the one hand, you’ve got lots of rabid sports fans who hate Ammon Staffing; on the other, you’ve got even more people who now know the name “Ammon Staffing.” It could be a simple marketing fail, or it could also be an instance of “no such thing as bad publicity.”

Well we contacted Ammon, and their Program Manager, Boyd Ammon, happily responded and sent us the commercial files for our aural enjoyment. Here’s his response:

“The radio ad was actually successful for us – the message board that was involved with the comments were not really our target audience, so they obviously did not connect with the ad. … The spot has brought more name recognition to our company. Our office opened in the 1980s and was one of the top two agencies in Baton Rouge throughout the 90s. Our business began to suffer a bit during Katrina and the recession, but a lot of our old clients have started calling us again in part because of our radio spots.”

In another surprising turn of events, the message board haters actually alerted Ammon Staffing to the fact that the radio station’s internet stream was playing their old ad (they switched in September), which explains why last week ESPN pulled the ad, much to the joy of Tiger Droppings.

The new ad involves a soothing-voiced lady, which one of the message board commenters called “angelic,” talking about Ammon with porno-esque music in the background. It’s embedded below.

Listening to it is like you’re talking with an Ammon salesperson next to a fireplace with a bottle of wine and a Barry White CD. I don’t know about you, but Ammon’s marketing department is sounding more like evil geniuses every second …

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