Unique. Worthwhile. Productive. Great fun.

These are some of the words attendees chose to describe the two-day whirlwind of networking, discussion, and customer appreciation we refer to as "The Works."

This year, Tempworks played host to 40 of our staffing software clients, representing a healthy gain from last year's headcount of 30.

"They were very appreciative of that fact that, once they got here, we took care of everything," said Susan Wurst, vice president of account management. "Logistics, entertainment and an informative program agenda.”

The event kicked off at Pazzaluna with a cocktail reception. Meanwhile, the Tempworks management team organized a gift basket "drop" at every guest's hotel room so they'd be pleasantly surprised when they returned for the night. To reflect this year's gangster theme, a cellophane-wrapped fedora was filled with Minnesota-made goodies, as well as a welcome letter from CEO David Dourgarian.

The following day, guests arrived at the Tempworks headquarters and were given the opportunity to mingle with the employees whose behind-the-scenes genius helps their firms operate.

For Sara Luchsinger, vice president of operations at SEEK Careers, this was time well spent:

"The Works' 'Open House' concept allowed me to attend sessions and talk with the TempWorks team on what were the critical issues for our operations teams.  I loved the fact that I didn’t have to sit through back office sessions and learned key new features that can streamline our operations," she said.

Beyond internal networking, Wurst said one important benefit of the event was that guests got to socialize with each other. "They'd ask each other, 'How are you handling the new I-9 regulations?' and so on," she mentioned.

According to attendees, other major highlights included the St. Paul Gangster Tour and a session outlining our product direction. Wurst said customers were provided with a demo on how Tempworks was preparing for ACA, and Tempworks in turn received feedback on the function.

The event closed with dinner at I Nonni, an award-winning Roman-inspired restaurant in St. Paul.

"They got to see a lot of different areas of the city, from Summit Ave. and the F. Scott Fitzgerald brownstone to the Mississippi," said Wurst.

"They loved St. Paul. They said it was beautiful and an underrated city," she continued. "Some even said they'd come back to vacation here, or that they were disappointed they hadn't booked another night."

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