This week we will kick off our first ever industry conference: The Works 2012. We had an overwhelming response -- the event sold out within a few weeks.

Of course, to say it "sold out" might be a bit of a stretch. The event is basically free to attend. But we are just as excited all the same. You really don't like to send some people away, but we had to. And that's why we will plan to accomodate even more attendees next year.

We wanted to host the event in style and choosing the venue was easy. Hotel Ivy is one of the most elegant hotels in the Twin Cities, and they are pleased that we chose them for our conference.

This Wednesday (7/18/12) we will start off with a VIP Tour of the Minnesota Twins' new digs, Target Field. This world-class structure was built just a couple years ago and we will be getting a private tour of what goes on behind-the-scenes as they prepare for game day. Sitting behind home plate while the team takes batting practice will be quite the memorable experience.

Afterwards, we will spend a few hours watching the Twins take on the Baltimore Orioles while we chat about what's going on the staffing industry. This will be a great networking opportunity.

Thursday will be the meat and potatoes of the event. We will cover all things staffing like media, websites, technology advancements and customer service. A panel featuring six industry experts will be available for Q&A, so get your questions ready! Staffing Talk's David Gee will also be presenting.

After a catered lunch we will take a trip to TempWorks Software headquarters. TempWorks has been building staffing software for over 15 years and they are happy to share their stories and experiences with our attendees. We will take a tour of the entire facility, including the data center. It's a great opportunity to witness how a successful staffing software company operates.

Thursday night we will return to Hotel Ivy for Happy Hour, which will give everyone the opportunity to discuss what they just experienced.

Most attendees will be flying out after the Friday morning breakfast, but we encourage you to explore all that Minneapolis has to offer. It truly is a fun and beautiful city.

Stay tuned to Staffing Talk throughout the coming days for pictures, videos and updates.

Didn't get a chance to make it this year? Don't worry because next year will be even bigger!

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