Increasingly, TempWorks is becoming less of a staffing software company and more of a conduit for staffing companies that implement employment-related solutions for their customers. We have a white paper out about that, and you can read more about how one customer used it to yank an initial $10 million dollar contract from Adecco and another used it to capture the VMS piece of a major government agency.

The difficult part of this transition involves adapting the software to the business processes, not just of our clients but also our clients' clients. Take, for example, the business process of online time card approval. A staffing company might have one client that simply wants an approval button to click and yet another that wants to adapt to a complex approval process based on overtime exceptions. How do you handle this without going back to the developer for each case?

For us, it's a constantly evolving approach to software that includes making the best in architectural improvements. In this videocast, TempWorks developer Matt Sonnenberg describes the workflow underpinnings of our upcoming WebCenter5 release and its use of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation.

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