When my dad opened his Manpower staffing franchise in Sacramento, Calif., in 1974, Kelly Services owned the town. They had all the large walnut and almond processing contracts, and they seemingly had all the small retail accounts as well. Their branch manager, an elegant older lady whose name I unfortunately can't remember, constantly hobnobbed with the captains of the city's embryonic manufacturing companies, and the newspapers frequently quoted her on how to get a better job.

It wasn't fun selling into that market, which happened to be the first job dad gave me. I tenaciously bombarded Sacramento-area employers with pump calls exhorting them to try our service, and I studied the Manpower sales manuals and learned all about overcoming objections and presenting features and benefits (puke!).

It seemed no matter how I pitched it, the response was always, "Oh, you mean you're trying to be like Kelly - sorry, but they're already taking care of us."

I haven't tracked Kelly much since those early days. Looking at their stock chart, it seems not many people have.

I researched blogs and various stock posting sites and couldn't pick up much either. Anyone got the scoop?

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