Where in the world is Michael Arrington?  I want to hire him.

Not the real Michael Arrington.  That one is at the Ritz in the Cayman Islands spending his $25 million sellout to AOL.

No, the Michael Arrington I want for StaffingTalk is the next one.  Attorney.  Journalist.  Gadget freak.  Entrepreneur. Muckraker.  Scathing product reviewer. Troller.  Interviewer extraordinaire.

If you’re him, you’re playing Guitar Hero this morning before you write an essay for The Onion.  You edit your college paper, and your dean wants to expel you.  Angry readers are sending you hate mail.

So who are we?  We’re StaffingTalk:  Badass, union-busting, free-enterprise-promoting, staffing-industry-defenders from TempWorks, the killer staffing software and payroll funding company.  Notice the anchor for SEO?  No? Ok then you’re not the Michael Arrington we’re looking for.

Let us describe ourselves in the most cliché way possible: we’re the HuffPost of the staffing industry.  At least we want to be.

And for that to happen, we need you to contact me.

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