I enjoyed this hot trends post from AVC's Fred Wilson the other day.   

Maybe it means something for you, maybe not. 

For me it's a reminder that, over my life, the big wins happened in part because I was at the right place at the right time.   1980 was a great time to get into airline mainframe software.   1995 was a great time to come up with a Microsoft business solution for staffing that led to the creation of Tempworks.   2015 was a great time to leverage the advancements in javascript frameworks and develop Tempworks' next generation platform, tworks.io.

In 2016, AVC lists 'bitcoin' as a hot thing.  I prefer the term cryptocurrency  or even blockchain, but I won't argue that one or more crypto currencies will seriously disrupt the banks and fiat currencies.   

Fiat currencies are currencies like the US dollar, that are supposedly backed by nations.  But, as you can see from our post today that links to a WSJ article on the failure of our federal government to contain its size or respect its debt obligations, fiat is indeed ripe for disruption.