I was reading Fred Wilson’s recent post on mobile software development and was struck how closely what he has to say matched what we’ve been doing at TempWorks with mobile staffing software without us really doing much marketing research on it.image

The Adhd version of it all is Android, Android, Android.  It’s market share is up 6.5% in the last year, and if you know anyone who has one you know why.  When I show off Google Voice to my iPhone and Blackberry friends, they see the light.

It’s not so much that TempWorks saw the light as we found it so delightfully easy to create attractive mobile staffing apps with the webkit browser.

So what’s next for mobile staffing software?  We’ll continue to do what works really well, and for the moment that is more and better Android-purposed apps.  Those apps by the way work on any webkit browser, and that includes Chrome, Safari (iPad) and more.

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