What differentiates a good staffing firm from a great staffing firm?

Most staffing firms are charged with not only providing the client with the best employees and associates that have the skills and necessary requirements for each job, but the best staffing firms should be involved in training those associates as well.

Even more, the best staffing firms actually have a hands-on account manager who completes the necessary training as well before the hiring process begins (if timing allows). Once they do that, they can hire the best employees because they know exactly what to expect.

As you know, clients often have little time to provide training to their temporary workforce, particularly in environments where the turnover is high. This is a case when the staffing firm must take on this role to ensure mutual success with the engagement and provide a personal, yet professional investment in time. It is also important to reduce turnover. That is another great quality of a top-notch staffing firm.

  1. 1. First and foremost, training begins with understanding the job and the skills necessary to fulfill it. This is a much deeper dive than just a facility tour and written job descriptions. Staffing firms need to have a very detailed understanding of what skills and other success factors each associate needs to have.These are defined as key requirements. Developing key requirements and success factors can be as easy as doing a simple interview with the appropriate stakeholders.Questions such as:
    -What are the traits of your most successful workers?
    -What are the differences in any supervisors or job specific requirements?
    -What makes the job type unique?
  2. 2. Secondly, gathering metrics can be very valuable to understand the particular job staffing requirements. These come in questions similar to the following:
    -What is the turnover for each job type?
    -How long does the average associate stay on the job?
    -Are there any other environmental factors that can affect an associate’s longevity at the site, e.g. too cold, too hot, bad ventilation, etc.? Training for a job is not just understanding the skills to do the job, but rather preparing the prospective employee or hired associate to do the best job they can do. Making sure the associates are ready to start in the particular environment is just as important. They need to feel comfortable working on the job as well as working in a facility. Expectations must be set and agreed upon by all parties, starting with the client and staffing firm.

Ultimately, training an employee starts with 3 things:

1. Expectations
2. Responsibilities
3. The environment of the job

When a great staffing firm is able to staff the best talent and train an employee, it comes from understanding the actual job.

The staffing companies that participate in the actual job they are hiring for get the best talent for that client because they understand from the ground up what is needed in a prospect.

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Dani Dellichiaie, COO, Accelerant


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