I was wowed by this AVC video about startups and the cities that foster them that Fred Wilson put up.   Fred does a great job and so does his interviewer, Andrew Sorkin, of Too Big to Fail fame.

If you dig into the video you can see constant references to how access to great people has become the differentiator in what makes a city a great one for startups.  This underscores how important staffing companies are to the process of building great cities as well.  It's staffing companies and the extended network of third party recruiters and RPO services that hit the ground running every day making it happen for their customers.  Or not.

I know some like @TempEmployees see staffing agencies negatively, as exploiters of unsuspecting job seekers.  He says agencies don't create jobs.  

But look around the world and almost everyplace that outlawed staffing - Cuba, USSR, Greece - caused economic hardship, not gain.  If you don't have a profit motive to find people better jobs, history shows the job just doesn't get done.

I commented about Minneapolis:

Formidable and entertaining talk. One city I didn't hear mentioned was my own Minneapolis which enjoys unmatched access to tech talent, incubators, mass transit, affordable housing and a govt that works pretty much better than everywhere else I've lived.

There is no question that Tempworks and Supertrace (Probe), my airline software company, could have never flourished without the great talent pool we enjoy here and without the great recruitment services we've enjoyed along the way.

How about your town?  How's it doing and what role is the staffing industry playing in it?