Tomorrow I’m giving a private seminar to a group of Tempworks clients on inbound marketing.  We’ll compare and contrast inbound marketing to outbound marketing and to traditional sales activity. We’ll address issues like the cost of leads obtained via outbound versus inbound marketing and how they can differ in quality.

We’ll focus on the current economy and why it is critical to nurture leads regardless of time to buy. Fortunately, many of the same resources you put forth to inbound marketing do double-time by nurturing leads.

This isn’t just about marketing or technology. Every day we read about companies that fail to adjust to new realities, especially social media.  For example, Citigroup, yes all-but-bankrupt Citigroup, is still spending tens of millions on old-style print media advertising. They just don’t get it and aren’t going to get it no matter how much our government pumps into it.

I believe the same is true in staffing. The old guard is dying.  Le roi se meurt lentement. And there are incredible opportunities out there for the staffing entrepreneurs that have the chops and passion not just to replace them but to establish whole new market niches.

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