Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. Hopefully you and your significant other enjoyed some quality time together.  But what about those of you who work together?  You get to spend every day AND night together.  To many people that probably sounds like a nightmare.

Would you date a co-worker? 43% of Americans say they have at some point in their career. If things go right, maybe the workplace can provide a paycheck and a soulmate. If they go wrong, careers get derailed, and sometimes even lawsuits ensue.

Here are 10 of the hits and myths about office romance that every employee – and employer – should know.

Being unemployed doesn't make you undesirable

A survey finds half of the respondents would date someone who was out of work if they were “interesting.”

Office relationships are becoming less common

12% say they dated someone in their office in the last five years.

Office romances are often short-lived.

Most workplace romances have a duration of under three months.

Most office relationships don't hurt the office space after a breakup

56% said breaking up with their colleague or co-worker didn't damage their working relationship.

Affairs do hurt

48% of men and 56% of women feel negatively towards a couple involved in an office affair, with productivity decreasing as a result.

Most don't date their managers

Only 6% report dating their bosses.

Most women don't sleep their way to the top

At the director level and above, 15% of women say they have had an affair with a boss.

When women do sleep with their bosses, they may get a boost

37% of women involved in workplace affairs say it did do their career good.

A down economy hasn’t increased dating

80% of respondents say they weren’t looking to settle down as a way to relieve financial pressures.

Women can have it all

85% of women surveyed by say they believe that it’s possible to have a successful career and relationship.

Did you know…?

Valentine’s Day is a $16 billion industry in this country.

The average U.S. consumer is expected to spend $116.21 on Valentine's Day gifts, meals, and entertainment.

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