Do you like speed?  I mean for you is HDTV a different experience for you than TV?   Then you’re probably going to like what the upcoming 4G wireless network technology will do you for your mobile phone apps.

When it comes to mobile staffing software, the difference will be felt especially on data intensive responses like displaying a map to a client site that you’re about to visit.  4G (if you’re on Verizon or Sprint…if you’re on AT&T then this story gets really complicated) will also decrease the latency in response.  In other words, even you’re shorter, text oriented response will come back faster, making normal retrieval of names and numbers that much more zippy.

At TempWorks we continue to invest heavily into our mobile app product line.  Although I got to enjoy the Memorial Weekend by taking the family down to a big reunion in the farm towns west of Chicago, one of my fellow developers, Andy Cohen, was busy working on the new MVC version of twMobile, the TempWorks mobile staffing software app that lets you manage your staffing company as if you were still behind the desk.

Andy’s update, which builds on Iphone, Android, and other work done by Paul Czywczynski, follows best practices for scalability and run-time validation and optimization, using the ViewModel pattern instead of the ViewData pattern.

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