Today’s True Staffing Story comes to us from Hailee Strausser, an account manager with PSG Staffing.

Being a recruiter, we've all experienced those interviews we just couldn’t wait to be over with. This one particular interview was just that for me.

So, I was in one of our company’s branch offices for the day, interviewing some candidates for a general labor opening. This young gentleman comes in and sits down. So I begin to ask him a couple questions about previous work history and why he hadn't continued to finish school, blah blah blah. I then give him our pre-application, after deciding that he could probably fulfill the requirements of this position.

The company I was hiring for was a food manufacturing company that produces peanut products. So before setting up interviews with prospective applicants, we ensure over the phone that this isn't an issue. But after giving this young gentleman the pre-application, I get a gut feeling to double check the peanut issue.

He says to me, "Oh yeah I should be fine, I have a slight walnut allergy, but that's only if I eat them, but then I throw up and I'm good to go."

I then go back and forth with him a little bit about how this is a huge health concern and that it's not in his best interest to pursue a position in this industry. I then recommend that he continues to fill out our pre-employment application, so that once something else becomes available I can notify him and let him know.

But the best was still to come …

The young man stops his paperwork, looks up at me, and asks, "Do you surf?"Surf

My head pops up to stare back at him, giving what I can only assume is the most confused look ever. I have no clue where the question was coming from, especially given that we’re in western Pennsylvania (not exactly known for intense waves), but I respond, "No, I haven't done much surfing in my days, why?"

"I don't know. You have the voice of a surfer, so I thought you might do some surfing."

At this point I'm trying not to roll my eyes in astonishment, and I’m just crossing my fingers that he’ll complete his paperwork quickly and get the heck out of here. After a half hour more of staring at me instead of the task at hand, he finally leaves and I informed him I would notify him if anything comes up, and gave him my card. But seeing as how he’s not qualified for anything else we routinely have available, I assumed that was the last I’d hear from him.

But, of course, I’d assumed wrong. After a long day of endless interviews, I headed home to wind down. I work out, eat dinner, do some laundry, and then check Facebook. New Friend Request Pending … I check the notification and – you guessed it! – he friend requested his favorite Pennsylvanian surfing recruiter … me.

In this industry, there’s no shortage of bizarre stories like this. But this one individual’s comments and actions just made me giggle inside. I wonder where people get some of the things that they say, and if they ever realize it later down the road.

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