Midweek holidays weren’t designed for the temp business.   If the fact that a healthy 20% or more of your hours don’t get booked isn’t enough, you have to figure out some way to get payroll and billing on a compressed schedule.

We’re sensitive to that at Tempworks.  Here is a copy of an email that went out to our entire customer base about our support hours for the week.  


Following are the TempWorks Support hours for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday.

The TempWorks office will be closed on Thursday July 4th to celebrate the U.S. adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

After hours support will still be offered while our office is closed by calling the main number at 877-452-0326 and following the voice prompts for after-hours support. 

We will be open regular support hours from 7:00AM - 6:00PM CDT on Friday July 5th.

In order for our employees to enjoy time with their families during the holiday, we ask that any support calls made through the after-hours methodology be of an emergency nature only.

Thank you and have safe holiday.

Kevin Prow and Alisha Santoorjian

TempWorks Support Supervisors

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