President Obama: TAKE DOWN THIS LAW.  

The temp worker can't breathe: his check gets gets docked after getting auto-enrolled into ACA.

The HR director can't breathe: she can't get anyone to take the ACA seriously.

The staffing professional can't breathe: he wants nothing more than to place people in better jobs but is buried under ACA paperwork.

The staffing agency can't breathe: it tries to deal honestly with the mountains of ACA regulation while gray market operators simply forge their way around it.

The factory manager can't breathe: she can no longer compete with her Mexican competitor.

I was copied on an email a client sent out to her staffing offices.  She's doing her best to comply but is prevented by the practicalities of getting large numbers of temp workers to understand what sounds to them like a scam: "sign this complicated sheet of paper declining coverage, or by law we are forced to auto-enroll you and deduct your premium from your check".

Hello All
The deadline for getting the ACA forms in to me was December
5th at the latest and I am still getting them in today. I know it
can be hard to get these filled out and signed, but it is imperative that this
happen. Below are the lists of the employees(in yellow) that are still missing
forms.  If I do not get forms for these employees by the end of the day
tomorrow, they will be automatically enrolled in the ACA insurance. If some of
these employees are no longer working for us let me know as well so I can
remove them from the list. Please let me know if you need anything else from

One last note, I have noticed that a lot of the forms are
missing the checkmark in the box to decline coverage and are not filled out
properly, please make sure that at the least the box is checked if they want to
decline coverage.