I should say that I’m quite thankful as well.  From our backend system engineers who provide us a stability better than Amazon AWS to our data conversion specialists who sacrifice many weekends to assure smooth client transitions, the digital makeover of a large public entity is no small feat.

Keeping our project success rate at near 100% underpins our brand.  That’s a necessary thing because we hear so often about our staffing software competitors who fail at it, and sometimes great industry peers like IBM and Salesforce stumble when it comes to helping large entities go digital from front to back.

How do we make that happen?  Short answer: people. general employment clouds

I had the chance this last week to sit in on an interview.  It was a high level interview, an unusual thing for us because virtually all of our senior positions are filled via internal hires, and the interviewee popped the question: “So how long has each of you been with the company?”

The answers were 12 years, 14 years and 11 years.

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