While walking through the lobby at the ASA Staffing World 2011 conference center, I noticed something fascinating to my right.

OK, so I didn't notice it on my own. There are so many signs around it's easy to start phasing them out. A very nice woman in a suit, who I believe worked for the conference center, brought it to my attention.

It was the Wall of Ideas. When she first showed it to me, I was probably the third or fourth person to write on it. Each board had a different topic and people were invited to write their comments on the appropriate board.

I immediately planned on coming back at the end to see what people had written. After all, a conference is supposed to be about sharing thoughts and ideas, right?

The four topics were as follows:

  • How are you innovating your sales, recruiting, or management in your firm?
  • What is your biggest business challenge?
  • What would you like to see at Staffing World 2012?
  • What's your ah-ha moment today?

I must admit, they aren't the most eloquently worded questions, but I didn't care. I was interested most in what people had written.

Let's get started shall we? I'm going to break this post up into four different posts, so come back every day this week to see what everyone wrote!

Vote now for your top three! Which points below do YOU think are the best? (PICK THREE)

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