I had a great chat today with tech super-blogger Graeme Thickins today at my favorite coffee hang-out, Dunn Bros, in Eagan, MN, where we talked about conferences, unconferences, and everything in between.

Graeme is one of those guys who rubs elbows with the likes of Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Mossberg and gets those coveted press passes to events like DEMO where he writes about the latest startup and venture capital activity.

Graeme heard me out on topics I’m keen on like umm let’s see, oh yea, TEMPWORKS SOFTWARE.   We have some big announcements coming up this week including a key hire from a major competitor (I won’t say the competitor’s name but the first three letters are ADP), and Graeme kindly led me through fun ways of getting the word out that go way beyond the staid corporate press release.

.   We share a common desire for Minnesota to continue that leadership role in innovation.

Key to Graeme’s approach is to vigilantly work your presence both online and in-person and has built his brand based on that kind of accessibility and ubiquity – something I need to do a better job of.

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