The Tempworks approach to employee onboarding differs from the many outstanding products out there because we dedicate ourselves solely to staffing companies and provide them a platform that they can innovate off of.   

Our process is to make our staffing company clients the true HR consultant, the hero that delivers success to direct and contingent hiring processes.

Stepping back from our specific solutions, we can see that as the internet moves out of its adolescent stage a metamorphosis is taking place.   The much vaunted SAAS (Software as a Service) is giving way to PAAS (Platform as a Service).  

This is happening because organizations demand more than point solutions from software vendors.   They need a solid, flexible platform to run their business, yes, but they need to innovate off it as well.  

I caught Tempworks EVP Casey Kraus in a golf shirt on a hot day here in Minneapolis and got him to spill the details.   He illustrates his points with the onboarding success of Fullsteam Staffing, a revenue rocket that gone from startup to $100 million in a few short years.