LinkedIn’s recruiting revenues are now greater than Taleo’s and 98.2% of staffing professionals say they use some form of social media to find candidates. But as we all know though, we can also be found by lots of creeps we don't necessarily want to connect with, either online or off. That's a pain that Atmospheir; a brand-new iPhone app just launching today, is trying to alleviate, with a platform they claim is the "social re-imagination of your address book."

Here's how it works. When a user first creates an account they receive a unique ID, but this is the first social network that requires another user to know your unique ID in order to find you, thus giving you complete control over the information you exchange.

This way, you can make a more nuanced and parsed distinction between your personal and professional connections by choosing which social media profile you want to share every time you receive or make a connection request.

Atmospheir says it's trying to modernize what the address book has always done; namely to connect us quickly and efficiently while also incorporating "known identities, mutual trust, controlled levels of intimacy, and boundaries of shared information."

The first social network that requires another user to know your unique ID in order to find you.

With a nod to Foursquare and other location-based social networking sites, Atmospheir also has a "Nearby" mechanism that can be activated to allow others to find - and request a connection with you - if they also have Atmospheir Nearby turned on, and are within 150 feet of you.

You can introduce your connections to one another or request to be introduced to others, while all the changes your connections make to the info in their profiles will be automatically updated.

Gregg Dourgarian, founder of TempWorks and owner of this site, has a dim view of LinkedIn for lots of reasons, and those views have surfaced in a myriad of posts. This is a shortened quote on what he had to say about the subject of using social media sites for recruiting in this post.

"Sure you can use them for free, but then you have to deal with all the noise and outright fake activity going on."

So maybe Atmospheir will provide a way to cut down on the noise, and the stalkers and pesky sales people, at least for all you recruiters and staffing pros using iPhones.




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