George Orwell, Animal Farm

Perhaps someone can explain to me the difference between a union and a temp agency. As it stands, as I look from union to agency, agency to union, and from union to agency again, but already it is impossible to say which was which.

Ostensibly, unions bargain with employers on behalf of employees, taking a cut of the workers pay. So do agencies. Unions bargain with employees, attempting to bring them on board and keep them on board. So do agencies. Unions claim altruistic motives like the betterment of the worker. So do agencies, hence the ubiquitous tagline ‘agents of talent’.

Ultimately however both unions and agencies serve the people at the top. Success translates into money and power.  Union icon Jimmy Hoffa ruled over a billion dollar empire before his apparent untimely demise.

Perhaps you’re wondering what got me to make this union-agency analogy in the first place. I guess it’s because for some reason one is politically correct and the other isn’t, as this recent commenter here on Staffing Talk makes clear:

i want to start a union in mass im a electrical tradesman that cant find work with out paying a middle man and it seems like these temp companys are all thieves that sit behind a desk and earn money off of hard working people and most people dont have the knowledge to stand up for them selfs so with this union or brotherhood i want to start will only work as a non profit and it will protect the people that cant protect them self people should not have to worry about getting a raise when they do desrve one these company take advantage and this has to stop america is a better place then this we eaither have to get unions ivolved to protct the workers or try to put a stop to the temp agencys if anyone has any question please dont hesitat to ask i do work for a temp agency right now and theres not one happy person on this job and these are real lives people should be misrable going to work

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