John E Jones: "She's an idiot that couldn't hack it as a 3pr more than likely"

I missed the live Recruiting Animal show in which Thayer Prime made a case for why commission recruiting results in "ripping people off, playing with their careers, lies, and anything else that it takes to make those placements. Because money."

Here is her full blog post on the topic, here is a relevant splice from the show, and below you can read what some successful commission recruiters thought of her comments.   

Myself, I couldn't make out from her blog post whether her firm does or does not do the very thing - commission recruiting - that she criticizes.

  • Anthony Fanzo Recruiters aren't bad people. The people that write completely uninformed articles about recruiters are usually recruiters that tried it for 5 minutes and failed.

    Maureen Sharib I'm not gonna look. I'll bet donuts to dollars this person isn't in the U.S.

  • Sandra Mccartt Self promotional bullshit about why my group is better than yours. Ok, cupcake, i've been a bad bitch in recruiting for probably longer than you have been alive so i wish you well and suggest you get over your cheap self. learn to promote yourself without denigrating a large number of your colleagues. Then you won't piss off as many people or look like a sophmoric little fool.

  • Pauline Rogers I am always amused when people who have been recruiting for 5 minutes bleat that our industry is flawed....and they have the solution.

  • Michael Kelemen Here is a short audio in which she makes her case against Contingent Recruiting - less than a minute -

  • Sandra Mccartt smile emoticon yeah it would be great if i didn't mis-spell stuff when i decide to jump somebody's ass. Sort of loses something LOL. When you are from Texas we sometimes write like we talk which means we tend to leave out a lot of letters. Guess i could have just said, "Get off my lawn, punkette."

  • Sandra Mccartt If she is not a contingent recruiter she has no reason to make a case or a complaint. Just go do her thing however she wants to do it. Quit raising hell about other business models. If you don't work that way you don't know what you are talking about. If all you have to say is complaining about other business models then the contingent recruiters must be eating her sack lunch. not wasting my time listening to anybody bitching about how somebody else does business. Sour grapes do not yield good wine. As my Jewish friend says, " honey, get ova ya cheap self, pick up ya tits and go".

  • Michael Kelemen She says that contingent recruiters in England are slime - and believes that the contingent proposition screens out decent people because in that pay structure only the sharks can survive.

  • Sandra Mccartt Then i will let the slimey contingent reruiters in England respond to her. Best she qualify her rants when speaking to a global audience.

  • Pauline Rogers I've partnered with a London contingency firm for many years, have been to their offices regularly, and not a bit of slime in sight. And I have hired many fine English recruiters. It may be true in her small sector but it is ridiculous to tar the whole industry with the same brush. There are slimy bottom feeders in every industry.

  • John E Jones She's an idiot that couldn't hack it as a 3pr more than likely

  • Sandra Mccartt Thayer has taken great umbrage on Twitter that I trash talked her and she was raised better than to trash talk people. Uhmmmm, bless her heart. Honey you can't "trash talk" a couple of hundred thousand contingent recruiters who are not only successful but also ethical and highly regard by their clients and candidates then STOMP your little pointed foot and have a hissy that you have been "trash talked". As to being raised better, here is my take on that one. The good ladies of the Mt Zion baptist church in Muleshoe , Texas got upset with Betty Lou because they decided she ain't got no class. Betty Lou drew herself up and splained it this way. Ladies, who was it what put them doilies on the piano when the visitin' Rev Brown came to town....It were Betty Lou.!!!! Who was it what threw the kool aide and graham cracker cocktail party when we had the baptisin' at Stink Creek? ....It were Betty Lou, that who!!!! Who was it what put them decals on the cast off baby cribs ya'll be dragin' in from the dump? were Betty Lou, that who!!! Now you say Betty Lou ain't got no class... Betty Lou say...SHIIIIITTTT.