Here's a great article about Arcade City, a company using the blockchain to subvert any effort, by the government or anyone, to kill off its ride-sharing.  It does so by decentralizing its sevice on the Ethereum blockchain (disclosure: I'm an investor in Ethereum's token, Ether).

Every day drivers for Uber and Lyft need to worry about decreased rates set centrally at headquarters in San Francisco, or the next enforcement action by a centralizedgovernment interjecting itself into peer-to-peer transactions. In that light, the appeal ofdecentralization is clear. If Ethereum remains the best way to decentralize power into the hands of the drivers and facilitate sustainable peer-to-peer transactions, then drivers will be happy to use it.

What does this have to do with recruiting?   A lot.   But no one has taken on the opportunity.

The opportunity is to make great hiring possible via a LinkedIn like experience without sacrificing privacy.   Users, be they recruiters, hiring companies or candidates, would have complete control of their private information under the rules of publicly coded smart contracts.

Imagine, a LinkedIn with no spam, no reselling of your personal information.