Odd day when I find myself agreeing with something from a Salon writer who makes that case that a lot of the so-called gig economy unicorns operate like temp agencies that don't pay payroll taxes or respect worker classification laws.

Like so many of the sharing-economy evangelicals, Fishback brandished a libertarian Ayn Randianism which saw Zaarly as creating the ultimate opt-in employment market, where there is no excuse for people who say, I dont know how to get a job, I dont know how to get started. But alas, those were the heady, early years, when Zaarly was flush with VC cash. Flash forward to today and Fishback is more humble, as is his company, having gone through several pivots. The request anything model is gone, as are Fishbacks lofty sermons to American workers. Instead, Zaarly has become more narrowly focused on four comparatively mundane markets: house cleaning, handyman services, lawn care and maid service.