After providing the usual preamble that Twitter is about the conversation and so forth, he got to what was on his mind: insider data that he has access to shows that candidates in big numbers are turning to Twitter for their job search.

He writes that “ … a few weeks back I became aware of a fascinating paradox. While I was doing a project for a big corporate employer, they started experimenting with an automated Twitter job feed. Expectations were low and the number of followers the Twitter stream attracted was even lower!

"It soon became clear though that something very unexpected was happening.”

In other words, what many of us have been saying would happen is already happening: the job boards that currently generate their revenue through walled-garden access to candidates are facing the same kind of disintermediation seen by newspapers. Who needs to pay Monster to advertise a job when a simple posting on Twitter or other high-traffic micro-blogging  sites will bring in plenty of well-qualified candidates?

And Monster’s desperate plays like the $225 million purchase of Hot Jobs and its declining stock price provide further confirmation: image

I’m looking forward to hearing more of Matt’s insider observations at his TruLondon track next week.

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