“The world’s first dedicated search engine to harness the power of Twitter for job hunting.”

That quote comes from London-based TwitJobSearch when describing themselves.

To be honest, I hadn’t heard of them until their business development manager, Samuel Lau (@ChairmanSam), began to follow me on Twitter.

So why would you be interested in another job search platform? Because they have a piece just for recruiters. Let’s take a closer look.

TwitJobSearch allows a job candidate to search by position and location. There’s nothing to fill out, no place to sign in, you just type in what you want to do – and where – and up pop the results.

The first thing that appears, before the job hits, is a Google map that denotes exactly where the jobs are located.

Then the candidate scrolls down to see an aggregation of all the jobs from both employers and agencies who have tweeted openings, and whose jobs contain the keywords the candidate gave, in the physical location where the candidate said they want to work.

There is also a filtering tool on the right hand side of the page that allows the candidate to refine by salary, skills, job type (permanent, contract, full-time, part-time, etc.) and when the job opening was tweeted and by whom.

Tweet Your Job

For recruiters, it’s a helpful place to hang out so you can see how much activity there is around a specific job title or skill set or salary and so on.

If you're on Twitter, just tweet a job posting. They recommend keeping the tweet to less than 120 characters (save room for retweets), include key information and a link to the job posting.

If you have lots of jobs, but not a lot of time to convert them into tweets, they can do that for you as well.

Just provide them with an XML Feed and they will convert all of your jobs into tweets, put them on Twitter, and make sure they're indexed.

And if you can’t even do that, there is an XML Feed request form to fill out on their website that will get you going.

Hit the CLICK HERE TO POST A JOB button and without even sharing your identity and/or password, 'Sign in with Twitter' allows you to:

  • save jobs to your account
  • add your online CV
  • follow others (and all without having to leave TwitJobSearch)

The parent company of TwitJobSearch is WorkDigital Ltd. They call themselves  “a London-based company specializing in vertical search solutions that not only deliver quality search results, but build open platforms that allow users to develop custom solutions.”

The company’s first platform, workhound.co.uk, currently has the UKs largest job recruitment inventory, and their second platform is TwitJobSearch.com. The company was founded in 2007.

If any of you have posted jobs to TwitJobSearch we would love to hear about your experience, and how it compares to other search engine platforms you may have used.

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