When I started my technical services company in Minneapolis in 1982, Analysts International was the top dog in the market. They seemed to have a dog in every hunt - a premier sales organization. Fast forward 25 years, and their stock has sunk lower than the 35W bridge.

Here's some of the stink going on regarding a proposed buyout by Select Staffing:

longtimefollower: This stock will be significantly lower in a year or two, and possibly teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, without a transaction NOW.

p8piano: they appear to have made some "tough" decisions to prune out the marginal business, making a trade-off of lower gross volumes and higher profitability. They are now on the hook for a very specific cost reduction related to the plan and the board will be facing serious lawsuits IF they cannot shortly demonstrate some success in creating the shareholder value they are pointing to.

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