In my work I find the H1b not nearly as useful as it once was in hiring great foreign talent.

It's much easier today to connect via Github and pay full-time freelancers who prefer to work at home in the their home country.  They get paid more.  I pay less.  They don't need to commute.  We skype almost any time of day.

I see the same thing happening at the big global companies.   They are increasingly just taking the work to foreign locations instead of dealing with the hassles and legal expenses of H1Bs.  They do this by the tens of thousands, by the way, not in onesies and twosies as with the H1B.

That makes it all the more ironic that an eclectic group including unemployed IT people to Donald Trump to leftist groups somehow have found H1B visas to be ground zero for their misguided attempt to shield the American worker from the realities of a maturing internet.

From the Daily Caller:

The issue has worked its way into the 2016 presidential primary, particularly in the GOP race. Front-runner Donald Trump has promised to cut down the H-1B program as part of his immigration policy platform, although hes contradicted his platform in debates and on Twitter.

Ive heard it all before, the employee told Ingraham, when asked about the candidates promising to fix the H-1B problem. Who knows whats going to happen once they enter office. Are they going to do anything about it, or is it just for votes?

I have no idea, he continued. My trust level in government right now is pretty low.

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