Have you been attending...?  Do you know about...?

Monthly Training Webinars at TempWorks!!!

TempWorks Customers are welcome to attend as many webinars as they want!

Each month I pick a different topic to cover (suggestions on topics are very welcome and greatly appreciated) and conduct a training webinar on that topic.  Each webinar lasts no longer that 30 minutes (usually, but sometimes the conversation is so good we may go a tad bit longer).  These webinars happen on the first Thursday of the month (unless the first Thursday is a holiday or I"m otherwise engaged then they are held on the second Thursday).

Best of all, the training webinars are absolutely

In the past we"ve covered such topics as:

  • Candidate Worksheet
  • Tips and tricks to save clicks
  • Searches
  • Customer Defaults
  • Multiplier Codes
  • Rate Sheets

The webinars are widely popular and I don"t want anyone to miss out!

Our next webinar is going to be held at am and pm (eastern time).  Yes, that is tomorrow, 8/1/2013 at 11am and 4pm.

Our topic tomorrow will be:  Using TempWorks Enterprise as a tool for Sales People

If you are a TempWorks Customer and would like to attend (and haven"t already registered) please let me know!  I"ve got connections and can get you a ticket to attend!

Hope to see you there!

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