I've been connected with temp agencies one way or another for almost 50 years and while that's allowed me to be around inspiring leaders that lift up everyone around them, creating opportunity and prosperity for all, I've also run into those who get stuck in a mud puddle that they never seem able to get out of.

You know who I'm talking about: Agencies that let clients treat them and their workers badly.  Agencies that let clients think of them as a commodity to use and abuse and finally dump.  Agencies who let clients send them chasing on job orders that aren't even real.

The question I have about them is why?   Why do some people let themselves suffer under bad conditions.  I'm hardly an expert on this, but apparently someone is.  Verily writer Monica Gabriel.  She has a whole column on why single women make bad dating decisions and what to do about it.

"Maybe we buy into thinking that we aren’t attractive enough, or that a good man wouldn’t be into us. Or maybe we think a good man is simply too hard to find...Dating the Commitment Phobe, the Perpetual Hookup, or even Mr. Alright For Now means we won’t have to be in that scary relationship with the opposite sex that will require us to grow. Instead we drive ourselves crazy trying to master the art of How To Get Your Man To Commit or Tricks To Drive Him Mad."

"So what would happen if we stopped settling for the low-hanging fruit and dated up instead?

My bet is, those of us who are unmarried would spend less time babysitting boyfriends and more time dating men who stretch us and who humble us—and trust me, despite what you might have been led to believe, that’s a good thing."

"Good men who inspire good women are out there."

Sounds like a plan, Gabriella.   And similarly, great clients that value great recruitment are out there.