This is a post about new ways to programmatically use LinkedIn APIs (application programming interfaces) to promote your business.

If you’re wondering what ‘programming’ has to do with a social network like LinkedIn, just think about Facebook for a moment and Farmville. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably have a nephew or old college friend who got seriously into a Farmville and spammed you with dozens of attempts to get you to join in. Maybe you did join in and are still in. Whatever, the important thing to note here is that Farmville was programmed by a company called Zynga that came out of nowhere to use the Facebook API and now has a market cap approaching $7 billion (yes, a billion is cool; but you know what is really cool – SEVEN BILLION).

So I hope I have your attention now on APIs and programming interfaces to popular social networks, because they can do wondrous things for your staffing or recruiting business. But if not, let me just bring up a couple reasons you should care.

If you use LinkedIn already, you know about public profiles. In fact, just Google yourself like I do here, and you’ll see that Google values LinkedIn profiles as a trusted way to identify you. If you care about your reputation, then it behooves you to strongly establish your identity wherever it is that search engines find relevant.

Still not convinced? You say your reputation doesn’t need to be protected? You may be safe now, but you never know when your company will be the subject of an embarrassing public story or perhaps be the unwitting victim of mistaken identity. If that does happen to you and you want to keep that story off of page one Google searches for you, it helps to have already flooded the search engine channels with your brand.

Therefore, take the time now to fully establish your company’s profile on LinkedIn. New features on LinkedIn make this even more important. Add Youtube, Slideshare and other social media effects to your LinkedIn site. It costs nothing and provides lasting value.

Now onto the programming stuff.

Promote Your Staff on Your Website with the New LinkedIn Profile Plugin

If you’re old school, you know that people buy from people. At TempWorks we’re old school and that’s why for years we’ve made our management team bios a prominent part of our website. So let me say it again. People buy from people.

So why not promote your people? You’d think this was obvious, but take a look at the websites of many staffing companies and you’ll find bromides about being a people company but almost no profiling of their actual internal staff.

Well the good news is that you can change that easily and in a highly professional way with a new tool from LinkedIn. In just seconds you can create profile plugins that appear on your website like this one of me below.

To create your own, just follow these steps.

  1. Go to the

    LinkedIn Developer page for creating profile display code.

  2. Determine the public LinkedIn URL for the profile you want to display. You can do this by doing a Google search.
  3. Enter that URL in the plugin page’s text box:

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