Superbowl 45, the football game, was great.  The halftime show wasn’t.

In case you missed it, besides the dreadfully unspectacular music and dance routines, (that’s the singer’s name “”) injected a regrettable line into his lyrics, one that would make President Ronald Reagan, whose 100th birthday was today, turn in his grave.

The line was in bad taste first because it disrespected our great late president, second because politics has no place in a show like that and third because it was so misguided in its intent.

I’m astounded that after all these decades, there are still people out there that think the government can create jobs.

The elephant falls into the pool, kills off some swimmers, splashes innocent bystanders and boasts that he created water.  And our entertainment industry applauds.  Shameful.

Let’s do better next year NFL.

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