At a White House worker summit last week, President Obama declared that "when folks attack unions, they're attacking the middle class, and now a business leader has stepped forward to challenge that notion."

Writing in his WSJ op-ed on Friday, Andy Pudzer, CEO of CKE Foods answered that "Businesses create jobs; labor unions do not. To the contrary, labor unions often discourage businesses from creating jobs, particularly entry-level ones, by increasing the cost of labor without increasing its value. Even if labor unions could magically lift wages for those lucky enough to have a job in this economy, what about the unemployed?"

It's great to see CEOs like Pudzer and Bob Funk of Express Personnel stepping out and developing economic literacy.   It's great for society and I can't imagine it hurts their business any to get the publicity.

If you're in staffing and you have a message about jobs for your community, bring it on.  You'll help your community and your business.