Like all employers, staffing companies face the challenge of offering compelling work/life balance to employees.

I'd like to posit that one of the easiest ways to do that is to make it ridiculously simple to work wherever and whenever employees want.   That's a tall order and one we've been working hard on at Aida, especially with our answer-anywhere phone system.

I've described the Aida phone system briefly elsewhere, but here I want to talk about the power of having your phone system tied directly to your database and making it available to anyone via their smartphone.

A staffing professional using Aida can answer a call from anywhere.   Work, home, soccer game, doesn't matter.   And when the call comes in you get an instant pop-up telling you the history of conversations with your contact.

There is no end to the personal life enhancing aspects of this.  Let me describe just one more while referring you to the attached image of an inbound call to an Aida client in which the calling party left a message.

What Aida did with that message was transcribe it.   That is to say, the system automatically took the voice message and reduced it to text.   Reading text is a lot faster than listening to voice mail, consequently you do it more readily.  That means that when an important message comes in, you can identify it as such and take action immediately.

The result is staff that is super responsive yet that can maintain a decent personal life balance.   Ultimately, that means higher productivity, higher profits, better pay, and a much funner company to run.