, I respect them for doing a lot of things right.   They get that customers don’t just want good software - they want you to show them how to make money too.

So it’s no surprise that they made this acquisition of contact database company Jigsaw, which gives them both the data and the software necessary for customers to do lead generation.

Customers don’t just want good software - they want you to show them how to make money too.

I’m a occasional user of Jigsaw. When we get a website hit, we automatically translate the IP address to the domain name and from there pass on the Jigsaw contact info to our sales department.

But the data in Jigsaw as with all contact databases tends to be old and unreliable, so there is risk for Salesforce in this acquisition, and that may account for the relatively low acquisition price of $142 million.

One risk is that Salesforce clients will mistakenly use the data for mass marketing activity like email blasts.  That can quickly lead to a damaged email reputation which can destroy your ability to get even legitimate email messages through to your recipient’s inbox.

Another risk is that Jigsaw lost independence causes partners like other software companies to avoid it.

Myself, I’m not thrilled to see them swallowed up into a competitor and am looking at my options.

ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google all stand out as great alternatives.  More on them later.

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