One thing is clear from the fiscal crisis: tax authorities of all types are going after sales tax revenue aggressively and in increasingly creative ways.   This isn’t just a matter of setting up a tax code on a customer screen.  The location of the work, the kind of work being performed and the differential between bill and pay can all affect the sales tax.

You can get a flavor of how we are accommodating this in TempWorks Enterprise staffing software:

On the Customer Details form the Sales Tax section has been updated to apply any Taxes for goods and/or services based on the Jurisdiction selected.

Click on the button to open the form to the left. Any Jurisdictions that are currently linked will be displayed at the top of the form in the Linked Jurisdictions section. To remove this


To add a Jurisdiction, select a line from the list of Available Sales Tax Jurisdictions at the bottom of the form. Then click on the Link [Jurisdiction Name Here] button. Once all appropriate Jurisdictions have been linked for this Customer, click on the Save button to update the database and close the form.

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