Part 2

In Part 1 we saw how St. Louis based PEG leverages technology to help find candidates jobs faster.   In Part 2, we look at the bottom line advantages.

Professional Employment Group

Baker says that going green ( makes her company faster and more profitable. "Because DocCenter works seamlessly with our core products, it has noticeably improved our efficiency. It saves time for everyone from our internal employees to our job candidates to our customers," she says.

The security offered by paperless processing figures into Baker's analysis. Auditing credentials and verifying employment eligibility no longer require laborious movement of paper documents. "It's been a convenience to have all of our documentation stored safely and securely in one central location. We can now access hundreds of thousands of candidate forms for our clients at the click of mouse," Baker says.

"Some staffing companies still have entire rooms dedicated to document storage, making it a hassle to retrieve any of the data, overall very inefficient. TempWorks DocCenter is another addition to the family of products dedicated to the "Green" Paperless Staffing Initiative," says TempWorks director of operations Kevin Prow.

"DocCenter has been a hugely successful product for us," says TempWorks president David Dourgarian. TempWorks markets the solution to all larger employers, especially those with Peoplesoft, VCG, Paychex, or ADP installations. "Whatever platform you are on-including no platform at all-we can deliver improved profitability immediately by eliminating paper and reducing headcount," he says.

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