The New Yorker’s current issue has an article up on the power of names (grab it free while you can).

Staffing firms take note. Your name, your website domain, and your email address all play a critical role in how your candidates and clients perceive you.

An email address of honeyboo394@gmail. com tells me that you’re not quite ready to place engineers. And you might think Analyst Staffing Services is a great name for a tech service until your candidates start referring to you by your acronym (ASS).

Think I'm making this up? At Staffing Talk’s Creative Services division (a marketing agency for staffing companies with services like naming, logos, videos and web design), we see it all the time. S&M Staffing. Bad Banana Sitters.

Sometimes though the client comes to us with an ingenious name already picked out. Put ‘Hemp Temps’ in your pipe and smoke it.

Manpower, the global staffing entity, often gets criticized for having a sexist name, but I like it. For starters, there is no such thing as bad PR, and feminist angst is always good for some attention in the media. As a math wonk, I love the formula PR equals the absolute value of PR.

Also, I've noticed in France where there are more Manpower storefronts than moule restaurants, the French like the name quite a lot. They say it with a regardez-moi-je-suis-cool-parlant-en-anglais aspirational puff that gives mind to Steve Martin with his world's best accent coach:

Still not convinced on the power of names? imageCheck out this example from the New Yorker article: Which of the shapes in the box to the right would you call a takete and which one would you call a maluma?

I’ll not provide a spoiler to the maluma/takete quiz. Get the article from the New Yorker. Buy the printed copy if you need to.

It’s worth the price.

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