I found myself rooting for Isaac, the nerd who falls in love with the robot princess, Eva (Alicia Vikander), in Ex Machina, Alex Garland's new low budget artificial intelligence (AI) flick.  

Isaac's job is to determine if Eva passes the famed Turing Test of a machine's ability to fool you into thinking it is human.  Eva passes easily and seals the deal when she kneels down in front of Isaac and updates her Facebook status.  I won't reveal here the best end-of-movie twist since Sixth Sense, but as Isaac and Eva plan out a date at Times Square, it's the human not the robot that needs a reboot.

Along the way we learn about Eva's inventor, Nathan, a search engine billionaire who has endowed his newer female automatons with not just human like intelligence but also all the correct anatomy including strategically located sensors. They also get full download of the collective inputs of the world's cell phone users, poor things.  

Nathan's plan is to reduce humanity to an inferior species if not eliminate it altogether.  For him, it's all a matter of inevitable evolution.  He's just a catalyst.

For staffers and recruiters worrying about the loss of jobs to robots in contemporary society, Ex Machina is a horror flick through and through. 

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