You really never know what you are going to get when you open up a New Yorker.

That's how it feels to me and was especially the case as I gripped a recent issue on a nastily turbulent flight home last night from Phoenix and found an article on a subject near and dear to many a staffing owner and professional: sales training.

Here's the link to the article, but I'll paste in a couple of my favorite part in case before it goes paywalled.

In my household, we hung up on cold-callers all the time, Fischer admitted. And my mother, whos a devout Catholic, shed say, You can hang up on cold-callers and still go to Heaven!  

What is your goal when youre making a [cold] call? [...] Your whole goal making a dial is simply to have a conversation."  If it's about you and your product, you're screwed.

How to answer the Is this a sales call? question from a gate keeper:

I might say, It is. Im shaking, Im nervous, my palms are sweating, and you can probably sense it and you probably want to hang up.