Most staffing people don't like to mention it, but one of the biggest difficulties in managing a growing staffing business is holding people accountable, especially as the business grows to multiple locations.

Time and again I've heard it from top staffing executives that one of their top concerns is remote office managers who stop performing.  A classic case is branch managers of remote offices who, perhaps after some success, begin hiding out in their offices, avoiding phone calls and pushing work onto underlings while they coast behind a shut office manager door.

I've spent quite a lot of time working on this problem and believe to have come up with a solution.   For those of you not familiar, I've been implementing Aida, my new company's software system, at a variety of staffing clients.   On one hand Aida works much like most other staffing software, after all it's all about serving customer and employees.  

But Aida is different.   Let me explain how we handle this branch manager performance problem.

The solution begins with the fact that unlike other staffing software, Aida is a social network much in the pattern of Facebook.  It's a network between clients and employees and staffing professionals of posts, emails, texts, and, perhaps most importantly, phone calls.   

When you answer the phone in an office running Aida, you answer it with Aida.   And before you answer a screen pops up telling you your past interactions with the caller.   If it's a customer, it might tell you about the people you sent them for an interview.  If it's an employee, you might see they've been calling to see if they can move to a higher paying assignment.

The point is though that you don't waste any of their time going over details that have been already communicated.  It's the difference between answering 'hello' vs answering 'hi Jim, yes I have a couple new assignments coming up that you would be perfect for'.

Best of all these calls, like all activity, is logged and is easily seen on an ongoing basis.   That problem branch manager will not be able to hide out for too long.   The system shows exactly what they've been up to on all accounts.

I'm really proud of what our developers have been able to create and also of the huge success our clients are having with the system.