This is Roberto.  He's been my waiter at this outdoor cafe in South Beach the last few days.   It's 75 degrees here in Miami and -11 in Minneapolis which I left a few days ago.  

The old man in the picture was walking by the cafe where I've been working every morning.  He tripped and fell face first on the pavement.  Roberto and the waitress took him in and gave him some care.

I asked Roberto what he thought of the President Obama's softening of restrictions on Cuba.   He said he was against it because as things are now, the Cuban people are rising up.   They've had enough.  The communists are on their last stand.  Cut off their air supply.

He likened it to running out of gas in your car.  If you're getting close to empty you have the urgency to change.  If you add a gallon or two, your desire for change weakens.